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Operatori logistica interview

Arnaldo De Vitis, sole Director of De Vitis Trasporti Sud

Logistics and bonded warehousing in a century-old company

I am Arnaldo De Vitis, sole Director of De Vitis Trasporti Sud.

Our company was founded in the 1920s, and from 1930 we held a concession from the State Railways and continued to until the 1980s.

The cart at the entrance was the company’s first piece of equipment when it started working for the railways.

Today we are involved in logistics with customs warehouses, room temperature warehouses, controlled temperature warehouses and cold stores down to minus 20 degrees.

At the port we handle containers of all kinds: foodstuffs, frozen products, for preservation as well as even industrial materials, so we have no restrictions.

Intermodality between port, station and airport

The orignal part of the company was founded by my grandfather Arnaldo, then my father took over, with the death of my grandfather I took over and today we have arrived at the fourth generation with my children.

In the evolution of the company, we already started talking about logistics and intermodality back in the 1950s.

Logistics in terms of all the goods being distributed to southern Italy from northern Italy, which was the source of production.

And within these logistics we also had the whole transport division, carrying out the domiciliation of railway wagons at home.

So for us, intermodality is something that started 60, 70 years ago and then obviously developed with the opening of the Container Terminal in Taranto.

The opening of Grottaglie airport, which has all the facilities for the arrival and departure of large materials.

We wanted to position ourselves on an artery that puts us in direct communication with both the port of Taranto and the airport of Grottaglie and we are only a few kilometres from the port, the loading docks, less than three kilometres away, while 18 kilometres from Grottaglie airport, and so we are able to organise all intermodal activities and material transfers smoothly.

Warehouses with halal certification

I am Piergiorgio De Vitis and I am the fourth generation together with my brother Marzio, and I take care of all the organisational side of the warehousing and transportation.

I started my own apprenticeship in the company as a warehouseman, so I was also working alongside the guys to understand, get to know the work better.

Here we are inside the customs warehouse at room temperature.

Inside this warehouse, that is also halal certified, for which we are the only ones from Rome southwards.

Halal certification allows the storage of products intended for consumption in Islamic countries.

An example of shipping by sea

My name is Marzio De Vitis and I deal mainly with the organisation of personnel and vehicles for both land and sea transport.

We mainly deal with logistics and all-round services for our customers and, for example, regarding containers, there are various types of container that can be used for shipments, both for import and export.

I’ll give you the example of canned tuna.

Cans of tuna: we create this loading plan in which we are going to enter all the quantities for shipping.

We pick up the container from the port of Taranto, for example, or also from other ports that we serve on a daily basis, we bring it here, we put it on the ramp and we start loading the material depending on the progress that has been made.

The material will be loaded either by hand or with the appropriate forklifts, and everything will be placed inside the container.

Once the loading operations are completed, the goods will be carried by our vehicles to the port of departure

where they will then be loaded on the ship, and this will undertake the journey to the final customer.


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