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Port life today


The port is a hectic world of activity, with ships of great size coming and going, and large-capacity cranes looming on the horizon. The port today is at the heart of the city and at the centre of the Mediterranean, as it was along the routes of the more important economic and cultural exchanges of the ancient world.

Today the port shows a renewed business environment: it acts as a contaminator and accelerator of the entire port community, proposing itself as a place where to networking and collaborating in order to consolidate, around the Ionian port, the function of hub of innovation and territorial development. A new logistic, industrial and commercial ecosystem where to promote a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Do you know...?

750.000: sono, mediamente, i TEUs movimentati nel porto di Taranto tra il 2005 e il 2009 quando il traffico container ha raggiunto i massimi storici. Nel 2006 furono, infatti, movimentate 49.434.294 tonnellate di merci con un incremento (+ 1.777.340 tonn.) rispetto all’anno precedente pari al 3,7%.

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Import ed Export

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What comes and what goes

Discover the goods that pass through the port of Taranto

Dati: numeri di arrivi e partenze di navi per il Porto di Taranto, relativi alle operazioni commerciali più significative e agli scali crocieristici dal gennaio 2018 al giugno 2021, riassunti per precedenti e successivi porti di scalo. Fonte: Avvisatore Marittimo Taranto


From a commercial to a tourist port, from an industrial port to a port for events: the multiple stages of a diversification process return the image of a port in step with the times.

Unloading of frozen tuna (Photo AdSP Ionian Sea)

Cargo of wind turbine blades on a Dutch ship. These blades are often used in wind farms in the Northern Seas. (Photo AdSP Ionian Sea)


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