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Domenico Derchia interview

Domenico D'Erchia, Head of Security, Peyrani Sud

Loading, unloading and handling

Domenico D'Erchia, Head of Security at the port company Peyrani Sud, describes the handling of goods in the port, especially wind turbines.

My name is Domenico D’Erchia, I am responsible for security at Peyrani Sud, which is a port company.

Our business is port logistics, so loading, unloading, handling, storage, everything that basically goes in and out of a port.

Peyrani Sud has been located in Taranto, in the port of Taranto, since 1963.

This is thanks to the intuition of the Peyrani brothers, who at that time were taking care of the logistics, transportation, and assembly within the new industrial plant of Italsider,

at the time unloading the components needed for the construction of the steel plant.

Handling goods for the whole world

In recent years, Peyrani Sud has started to handle a bit of everything within the port, from industrial components to what you see here, wind power components.

This is both for import and export, but we also handle what we normally call bulk, i.e. loose products.

Basically, everything that can be moved within a port.

The routes to and from the port of Taranto come basically from all over the world, and go all over the world.

For example, the wind turbines that are stored here are shipped to the United States, China, Australia, Japan and Northern Europe, and the goods arrive from all over the world.

Handling operations in the port

Certainly, port operations require attention in all their phases.

So there are no phases that are less important than others.

We have to deal with fragile, bulky materials, spaces that in some cases are tight, so there is certainly a lot of concentration, a lot of cool headedness, and above all a lot of professionalism on the part of the operators, professionalism that has grown a lot over the years.

A good port operator is certainly an attentive person, farsighted, but above all with a desire to learn and to devote the same attention to whatever goods they are handling, from simple coal to a wind turbine.

The port embodies the soul of the city

I’ve been working in the port of Taranto for twenty years now.

I came here by chance, even though Taranto is a seaside town, and I discovered that it really embodies the soul of this city.

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