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A fascinating journey through time and space between the port and the city, through a network of places, activities and memories.


The relationship between the city and the port still has its ambiguities: current efforts seek to make the port and the city complement each other with the involvement of the local community, the redesign of the Waterfront, and new services offered to the public.

The port as a driver of sustainable development

Rinaldo Melucci, mayor of Taranto, offers his vision of the port, a world he knows well because his family has worked there for generations and he himself has acquired significant experience in the port sector.

The student shipwright

Francesco Sisto, president of the Officina Maremosso Association, is a young architect who has decided to devote himself to an ancient craft: that of the “master of the axe” who restores wooden boats.

Taranto, a centre for the integral economy

Simona Internò, pedagogist with the ConTatto Aps Association, and Franciscan Brother Francesco Zecca, talk about an ambitious project involving many young people and different manufacturing companies in the city to make Taranto a centre for the integral economy of the Mediterranean region.

The relationship between city and port

Giuseppe Lecce from the staff of the Ionian Sea Port System Authority – Port of Taranto, tells us about the relationship between the port and the city, a relationship that has evolved over time.

the special correspondents of Pythagoras 32

videos produced by the young people of Pythagoras 32 and their special correspondents.

A description of a boat

Francesco Sisto, President of the Officina Maremosso Association, describes how a typical boat is made, naming the various parts and explaining how it is possible today to restore a wooden hull in the traditional way.

Ionian Dolphin Conservation

Carmelo Fanizza, President Ionian Dolphin Conservation.


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